Oh my, where have I been?

I have been remiss.  I did 4 shows in three days and hostessed.  I am fried like an egg on a cast iron pan.  I have one more show tomorrow…then I’m ball warming on Sunday.  I need a vacation!  I love dancing, but it’s quite a lot of work.  I’m completely ready to sit in my lovely little house on the water and take my sailboat out for a spin.  I got a very nice one recently.  This one is much harder to sink and much easier to steer.  Sailing in SL is fun and frustratingly realistic.  You have to tack, you have to trim sails, you can luff and you can definitely capsize.  Boats even come with a great dangling on the side animation for those of us with less than proficient sailing skills.  You can also race.  This is something I haven’t tried yet.  I don’t own a racing sailboat, and I think my little lubber would get blown out of the water 🙂  My friend Pan is building his own racing boat.  It’s beautiful.  And it’s sleek.  And I bet it’s really, really fast.  For now, I will content myself with putt putting around my sailing sims where I live and if I’m lucky I’ll be re-inspired to dive into dance with new ideas.


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