2015 and what it meant to me

raw angel spotlight

2015 turned out to be a very busy and fun year for me in SL. If anyone ever told me back in 2009 that I’d still be chugging along and finding something new and fun every day in SL, I would probably have thought that they needed to have their head examined.  I can still remember being petrified at the SL help island….for some reason I was convinced that SL was just a proxy for cybersex, but I pressed on!

For days I wandered aimlessly as a noob and refused to greet anyone…because you all were cyberstalkers, or sex addicts or something…then somehow ended up at Blue Moon and somehow found it homey, unimposing and thankfully….empty!  I took some first tentative steps…sitting on a couch…clicking on posters walking around a little and then Whammo!  A dog appeared and I logged off faster than you could say DOG!

Well, for some crazy reason I kept wandering back in the general vicinity of Moons and sure enough…one day the dog said hello to me and I didn’t chicken out and run away. We chatted and eventually I decided to go see one of their shows….it was burlesque so of course some clothes disappeared and so did chicken Winnie, lol.  Well, I was oddly fascinated by this world and kept coming back, chatting, making the odd friend and peeking at the shows throw squinty eyes until eventually they hired me.  That’s how I became a performer…and learned about shopping and good skins and real clothes.  The folks at Moons are my oldest and dearest friends in SL and they are a steady sounding board and constant fun in a virtual world of inconsistencies.

Over the years, I’ve evolved and so has the cast and crew and lord knows the actual theater at Moons (Naiki has this thing for prim preservation and downsizing…god help us all).  I started dancing at more places, learned a lot more about building, discovered movers and fancy HUDs and now even fancier HUDs that actually allow you to mush all your stuff onto one HUD so you can actually SEE your dance, lol.

I danced more this past year than I’ve ever done before and at more places. Bless these lovely peeps who invite me, because I still watch sets and think, do I really belong up here??  Holy craptoast these people are amazing!! I also began dabbling in photography, really just raw Flickr stuff, but I am now the proud owner of photoshop and vow to learn its many functions 🙂  I also started my own neglected blog (yep, this one!) and began doing reviews for both Winds of the Sahara and Empire Room for the weekly shows.

Somehow, through it all, I’ve managed to maintain a semblance of my sanity…sorta!  I am working on making sure I have RL balance…husband, dog and horse all deserve my time. I am extremely grateful for their patience! I’m also extremely grateful for my SL friends whose support and encouragement have given me a creative outlet I never even knew that I needed.

This coming year I plan on continuing to blog and do reviews, as well as dance to my hearts content. I am going to try to juggle my commitments a wee bit better so as to not freak myself out :).  I also want to make sure that I have time to get out and sail a little.  Thank goodness for Pan and BB for dragging my butt away from dance every now and then and reminding me of all the fun things there are to do in SL.  Thank heavens for Que and Lotta for loaning me Jag and Path when I need a man in a dance, lol.

Thank you my friends for being there, for making me laugh, for understanding if I’m exhausted, for riding movers, for letting me be in your dance sets, for teaching me how to sail, for letting me lounge on your boats, for sending bacon-grams when you know I’m busy, for letting me dance at your venues,for talking about horses, for telling bad puns, for spinning great tunes,  for inviting me to dance at fun road shows, for teaching me HUD stuffs…(yes Yummy, I will learn, I promise!) building stuff, scripting stuff, and all of the wonderful stuff that makes each and every one of you a unique gem in the jewelry box that is mine!



A day in the life…creating a set

Just a little peek into me creating the biggest set I’ve ever done 🙂

The Winds of the Sahara Cabaret

So…I’m hanging out working on my set for Sunday and I thought I would show you what it looks like half way done….no idea why I thought this was a good idea…but I’m using the whole theater to do my Christmas set.  You can see how it’s starting to come together:

Wintery Winds

It’s not an exact science, but it’s fun to use the whole place.  Queenie has decorated the whole theater as well, and Rebecca redid the curtain too.  That’s not the curtain you see, that’s a scene that I added for my set, but you get the basics…the desert is looking festive as all heck!

Well, that was my insight for the evening…it’s back to putting object scripts in the whole schlemiel so I can rez it for you on Sunday. We are very excited for the show and can’t wait to see you all…oh…note, don’t sit too close to…

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Twas the night before Thursday….

And all through SL,  Winnie was wandering when she was behind as all hell.

The dance shows were scheduled on right after another, while Winnie was advent shopping and swearing like a mother

She had 6 shows in three weeks, what was she thinking?  She should be home building, not outside and SLinking.

No Flickr, no wordpress, no youtube, no FB…Just building and rezzing and placing and hard work…

When what to her wandering eyes did appear, but a penguin throwing contraption and a breedable steer…

On Queenie and Roni and Joanna and Lotta, on Sathcat and Autumn and Beth, Prue and Rebecca!

They heard her exclaim as she poofed out of site….happy building to all…and to all….a good night!