Move….a new enterprise for dancers by dancers

Several dancers, spurred on by Sebastian Bourne and Babypea Von Phoenix have gotten together to form an online Magazine called “Move” which will be a magazine highlighting SL dance, dancers, animators, costume designers, content creators and venues.  I have been asked to be the feature editor, so I will be pulling together and interview quarterly with a super-interesting person involved in dance in SL.  This magazine will be a quarterly publication in SL to start and will move to the internet if we find we are successful and have a following.  I am personally thrilled with the idea.  While dance queens is a wonderful platform and resource for dancers, I think this is a great way to reach beyond our devoted followers to reach more of the SL population.  There are so many people who contribute to what we do each day onstage, especially the unsung content creators who make copy/modify things that we can stuff into rez boxes and wonderful clothing that we wear in ways they may have never thought of that make our imaginations come to life.  I for one think these people should be celebrated.  It also offers us an opportunity to pick their brilliant brains 🙂  I hope that the magazine will introduce dance to people who think the only dance in SL is about strip clubs and pole dances.  We all know that stripping and pole dancing can be an art…but lord knows, it can also be hideous and cheap.

I also hope we can reach more content creators who will see how we use what they make in our sets and encourage them to think about making more copy/mod items because of how they can expand sales by making things for us that we all covet.  Nothing makes me crazier than finding the perfect “thing” to use in a set, only to realize that I forgot to search on copy/mod only before it caught my eye.  Then, there is flexi hair and flexi skirt prims….although mesh is all the rage, in dance the ability to see movement is being lost to the meshtastical new universe that we live in now.  Perhaps we can convince a few content creators to have flex attachments still be an option……a girl can dream…can’t she??

I have interviews one and two buttoned up….Mona and Nai…whether Nai wants to or not….but three and four are up for grabs, so who has ideas about who they want to learn more about?  Who do you think is the most interesting person supporting dance in SL?  What obscure venue would you like to see highlighted?  My personal goal is to reach out to people we may not know yet, but want to get to know better, to explore venues that we may not know enough about and introduce you to these people.

I am loving our staff, they come from many venues and backgrounds and are definitely some of the more interesting peeps I’ve met in SL.  I refuse to let the magazine devolve into just the usual suspects….so poke me with ideas and possible interviewees who are unsuspecting and gracious so that I can meet them and make them stars!!

Witches  with Roni and Jo


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