The Virgin Post

Sooooooo…..Nai has a challenge to be more creative for the next year.  I realized that my creativity muscles haven’t had a workout in quite some time, so I’m working on writing a little in addition to twinkle toeing my way all over the grid.

Last night I was able to be a ball warmer for my friend Kyshra at the Empire Room.  For those of us who dance and build and dance and build and build and build, you know how refreshing it can be to sit back and enjoy a show!  What a show it was.  I laughed, I was terrified, I cried…quite the emotional roller coaster.  We had scary dances, a violin duel of epic proportion, a heartbreakingly beautiful duet, and not one but two brilliant parodies, a hot sexy group dance and a tribute to the victims of gun violence. (told you I cried!)

Folks often wonder what I get out of SL and what the point is.  The point my friends is having your heart warmed on a cold winters’ night by funny little pixels that come together to bring your imagination alive.

Therein endeth the first post.

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