We’re BAAAAACK! Sunday July 9 2017

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Fridayyyyyyyyy! 03.10.17

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so here’s my link to Friday’s show at Empire Room, it was fabulous!

Elysium Cabaret

Thank God for Fridays.  In the frigid northeast US I was enduring a 6 inch snowfall in sub 20 degree weather so I was soooooo happy to head to the Empire Room…with all those nice snug chairs and little bottles of booze and Gunner’s super great music to warm up to!  Ok…I layed off the booze until after I danced…I swear….*I had nametags turned off, so if there were replacements in sets, I will fix ASAP*

The inimitable Babypea took to the stage to get all of our guests revved up for an evening of amazement.  She came out to the strains of Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” and did a split screen set…one where she got in trouble and one where she got out of it…courtesy of getting out of her teensy outfit which was apparently far too restrictive *grins*.  Clean up for drool in aisle 5!!


I chose a set…

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When Art Imitates Life


Today I was wandering around SL with a little extra time on my hands and decided to go check out some photo studios.  I like the do it yourself photostudio, but they are ephemeral….like pop up restaurants…one day their there, the next day their gone.  I like them because they offer opportunities to play with Windlight settings while allowing lots of poses…some old and hideous, some new and fun.  I happened upon this little gem, Pixel Arts which is a rez platform.  There aren’t may backdrops, but unlike the usual hop on a pose stand and change the background shop, this is an interactive backdrop with a number of scene changes and activities in each.

Here I am hanging out at the chicken coop.  Sure, there were prettier backgrounds, and even more poses here with hay bales, horses, fences and wagon wheels.  I chose the less traditional coop.  Where I live, almost all of my neighbors have chickens.  We have a chick sale at the local Agway in the early spring.  Each morning, if you’re up around 5 you can hear the roosters chatting away across back yards at the top of their lungs.  I even once had to call work to tell them that I would be late because my neighbors’ chickens were loose.  Sounds like a fairly lame excuse, but those little bastards would NOT get out of the road.

So here is a portrait in SL that imitates my RL…sort of the opposite of what we are all trying to achieve and yet…perfectly simple 🙂