2017: It’s a new year!

31351735181_b6ae641287_o2017. thank heavens you finally showed up!  Last year was a tough one in RL.  The universe took some amazing inspirational musicians and actors from us.  The universe took my mother in law.  My worklife is undergoing a massive renovation due to changes at the University.  SL was a constant escape, dance, dance, dance, with lovely friends helping to make RL a noise in the background.  2017 is starting out with knee surgery for me…that’s what I get for running…I guess I’m not as young as I used to be…

In 2017 I have a couple of goals in SL.  One is to own a half sim.  A big space, but to just landscape and decorate as I like and open it up to people to visit.  I figure a sim is really just a huge set, so let’s see how that goes.  I also want to expand my dancing skill further.  I can’t tell you how much fun I have dancing and watching dance.  I find it amazing and fresh…even after all this time, I simply enjoy the imagination of the dancers in SL.  Third, I’m going to do my best to explore someplace new on a regular basis and write about it.  Sure….I’ll probably be the last person on the grid to find it…but there are so many amazing sims….I want to share them, especially with my dance friends because sometimes we just get too wrapped up in making sets and dances and forget all the amazing imaginations doing other things in SL.  Inspiration…there’s a word…and reflection…another lovely word…and whimsy…my favorite word of all.  I want to get out there and see all of it.

So there you have it…my first post in a long time, but I’m hoping to have more to come from some amazing places in SL.  Happy New Year to you all and let’s hope for a happy and healthy one all around 🙂


Twas the night before Thursday….

And all through SL,  Winnie was wandering when she was behind as all hell.

The dance shows were scheduled on right after another, while Winnie was advent shopping and swearing like a mother

She had 6 shows in three weeks, what was she thinking?  She should be home building, not outside and SLinking.

No Flickr, no wordpress, no youtube, no FB…Just building and rezzing and placing and hard work…

When what to her wandering eyes did appear, but a penguin throwing contraption and a breedable steer…

On Queenie and Roni and Joanna and Lotta, on Sathcat and Autumn and Beth, Prue and Rebecca!

They heard her exclaim as she poofed out of site….happy building to all…and to all….a good night!








Hydrangeas = Happiness

It’s been hectic for me in SL lately.  I thought that summer was when it all relaxed, but I guess not.  I’ve recently begun blogging for 2 of the venues that I dance at Elysium Cabaret at the Empire Room and Winds of the Sahara Cabaret.  I’m enjoying myself thoroughly, but missing my lazy day time to wander around and smell the metaphoric roses.

I took some time the other day to do just that.  I love garden stores in SL.  Over the years I have bought land, landscaped to my hearts content, lived, enjoyed, cleaned it all up and moved.  There are some extremely talented designers in the plant and tree world in SL, so I love to wander around and find plants, shrubs, trees, ground covers etc.  Their stores tend to be gorgeous too.  Nothing tempts me more than walking along shaded paths full of phenomenally beautiful flowers and I find that there is always something new that I absolutely have to have.  It’s also a peaceful way to spend some time to unwind when I find myself freaked out in RL, or in desperate need of inspiration in SL.

I love flowers and plants in RL too.  This summer has been fantastic for hydrangeas where I live, and they are my favorite perennial along with easy keep roses.  I have lots of other pretty flowering perennials, flowering trees and a teeny weeny garden with tomatoes and some herbs in pots in the sun.  Take some time and get out there and enjoy the beauty…both inworld and out!


The lazy days of summer

Summer is lazy.  Even in SL.  In SL I find it’s lazier.  We go on holiday. We BBQ. We sit outside in the sun. We log off and log out.

It ain’t easy when you host a weekly show.  I admire the fact that both the Empire Room and Winds of the Sahara manage to pull it off despite the fact that their staff wanders off for days on end.  Some weeks we do a reprise act or two to fill in.  Some weeks we have lots of fans, some weeks you can pick a seat.

I find I like the lazy days of summer in SL.  When I log in, I tend to have fewer commitments.  I can wander around sims that are less laggy and less crowded.  I find myself meandering and poking around at things I might not do during the busier winter months.

Who knows, maybe I’m just waxing philosophical because it’s sunny and my brain is fried, lol.  Either way….my best friends in SL are the ones who come back after the summer is over year after year….we go our merry ways, enjoy our lives and families…and then we regroup in the fall just like schoolkids.   So….party on kids and enjoy all the sunshine and bunny rabbits while they are out!

Sunset from the deck 2

The SL Birthday Show…or Root Canal without Anesthesia

A few of us from Winds of the Sahara accepted the challenge to dance at the SL birthday bash.  This was an undertaking like none I have ever done before.

First, whomever thought up the stage concept was insane.  I mean that in the nicest possible, non-judgemental way.  We had a round stage that was situated on the corner of 4 sims.  We had a mock up and we divided it in fours and each took a quarter to set up on.

If you’re flummoxed already…it gets better.  We practiced.  Put up your rez box, rez, cache, finish, pick up your rez box…move the crowd to the next stage by pointing out where we were going next….clockwise. Repeat.  You could rez while the other person was on so you had time to cache.

We had stage and dummy rez box locations, so we set up and I happened to make a small prim, line it up on the rez box dummy and linked it to where my rez box actually needed to be for a frame of reference.  We had to do all this complicated stuff because we weren’t allowed to place sets until the day of the show at the exact second of the show.

That’s right!  For all you OCD dancers out there….no seeing the actual stage until the show.  Yep…blind set placement.

That would have been ok but to say there was lag would be like saying Mt. Vesuvius puffed out some ash one day.  We all got there an hour before show time.  I de-rezzed everything that I could on all 4 sims.  I basically had ground and people and not any of the one bajillion hearts and flowers and flashing lights and scaffolding and all sorts of other stuff I can’t even begin to describe.

When we rezzed the stage, we all got to work like lunatics.  Some nice people decided to stand right in the middle of where the stage was.  We had tags, but had to rez under the set and drag our boxes into position.  At least, I did.  We had pose stands in our quarter to stand on up above the stage.

The first act went well.  Then our second act crashed.  Moving on to the third act, Queenie’s adorable Octopusses’ Garden, she and I tried to get to our positions in the set by TP and got transferred to a neutral landing zone.  Ok…it took some time to get back.  I was supposed to lounge on a flower, but every time I tried to sit, I got TPd back to the landing zone. Maar was luckier than I…so I ended up swimming aroundQueenie’s set since I couldn’t park my tailfin in it.

Our next act had RL issues and had to cancel.  One of my extras had RL issues and had to cancel, but since she had no electricity…she couldn’t tell me.  Not to worry, off to MP to get an outfit for Sassy and easy peasy lemon squeezy we had a fill in.

Maar did a great job through the lag, and while she was tapping away, I set up, and we all got on movers and Sassy’s mover wouldn’t work.  Not for anything… Poor thing got tossed like a salad into a set at the last possible second and she ended up not dancing.  I did rez the set again the next day for Rebecca to get some pictures and damned if that mover didn’t work perfectly.

Soldiering on, we managed to slog through and Chrissy ended the show with another lovely set.  People were kind.  People were patient.  People were understanding, tolerant and gracious.  All in all, it went reasonably well, but……I’m not sure how quick I’ll be to do it again next year!

I would love to share some pictures, but frankly, I was too terrified to even try to take any.  For those friends who weathered the storm, thank you so much for braving the lag 🙂  I will never, ever, ever complain of lag at a normal venue again as long as I live!!

Sailing, my guilty pleasure

I know, I know…I’m supposed to be slaving over a set and choreographing a dance or twelve, but I live in a beautiful sailing community and every once in a blue moon I need to shove aside the dancing and mellow out floating around the neighborhood.

There are all types of boats in SL, I have worked my way through some over the last 4 years, finally settling on a Loonetta 31. It’s fully customizable and super easy to sail.  I don’t race, so I don’t need a super sleek, HUD-o-rama boat.  An added bonus…it’s only 31 prims!

I don’t sail as much as I should.  The people who own Gulls Wing offer classes, which I rarely am able to attend due to Euro/US time conflicts.  I tend to hit things….land, buildings, buoys and sink.  My old boat sank all the time….it even came with a lovely holding on for dear life animation on the overturned hull.

The resident creator of Gulls Wing hits me with an IM every once in a while…um…Winnie…we do offer classes….in case you want to take one…..Bob…

There are races, group sails, regattas….since I’m so accident prone, I tend to head out on  my own to explore.  It’s funny….I keep finding friends who sail that I never knew sailed!  Path and Lotta….Pan… 🙂  There’s quite a community in SL.

One of my favorite things to do is to sail from my house to Toby’s Juke Joint.  I can er….park….moor…dock(?) my boat right outside the bar and settle in with some fantastic blues.  I have no idea why they flee when they see me coming…it’s been ages since I sailed right INTO the dance floor…..*mumbles*

If you’ve never been sailing….if you feel like faffing (Nai britishism) hit me up and I’ll take you out 🙂  Pack your suit and your swimming animations.  We even have a sim where you can go diving!

Saturday Sail

What goes into an SL name?

Mostly everyone who knows me knows that my name changes pretty much weekly.  Winnie is always a component, but anything else is completely up for grabs.

How do we come up with our names?  Especially if we were “born” after SL made us take one of their last names?  My first avatar was a Barbosa 🙂

My own name is after one of my beloved pups.  Yep…there it is.  I love really fun SL names that were determined by people far more creative than I was on that first day.  I must have read Maar Volous about a hundred times before I put that one together *facepalms*.

Did you take inspiration from the world around you? Did you use a creative version of your RL name?  Did you give yourself the name you wished your parents had instead of Eunice?  Did you change your last name after you met a partner?

What was the thing that made that name click? Do you wish you could change the whole name instead of just your display name?

At this point, I have so much fun with my name that my friends vote on favorite iterations and what they think the next one should be.  Truth be told…I’m pretty sure that Winniebago and FrankenWinnie  will always be my faves 🙂

Waiting in a pretty space 2