When Art Imitates Life


Today I was wandering around SL with a little extra time on my hands and decided to go check out some photo studios.  I like the do it yourself photostudio, but they are ephemeral….like pop up restaurants…one day their there, the next day their gone.  I like them because they offer opportunities to play with Windlight settings while allowing lots of poses…some old and hideous, some new and fun.  I happened upon this little gem, Pixel Arts which is a rez platform.  There aren’t may backdrops, but unlike the usual hop on a pose stand and change the background shop, this is an interactive backdrop with a number of scene changes and activities in each.

Here I am hanging out at the chicken coop.  Sure, there were prettier backgrounds, and even more poses here with hay bales, horses, fences and wagon wheels.  I chose the less traditional coop.  Where I live, almost all of my neighbors have chickens.  We have a chick sale at the local Agway in the early spring.  Each morning, if you’re up around 5 you can hear the roosters chatting away across back yards at the top of their lungs.  I even once had to call work to tell them that I would be late because my neighbors’ chickens were loose.  Sounds like a fairly lame excuse, but those little bastards would NOT get out of the road.

So here is a portrait in SL that imitates my RL…sort of the opposite of what we are all trying to achieve and yet…perfectly simple 🙂

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