A trip to Echoes in the Garden

So…adventure one on my new year of exploration and inspiration was a scroll through the destination guide for “Art” where I found an interactive installation called Echoes in the Garden by Rose Borchovski.  The description says it’s based on the Susa Bubble story…but despite googling, I couldn’t find much on a Susa Bubble except a soccer bubble in Lindenhurst NY.  That being said…it was a cool sort of place..:)

There are boxes that move, follow, extend and link up to lead you up the installation.  There are yellow tears that are pose balls that you can stand on as you go up.  Boxes unfold, there are pigs on boxes, pigs in boxes, pigs dancing on boxes…..There are also eyes in boxes, bodies with big blue eyes poking out of them and disembodied heads growing up out of boxes.

There’s a spot where you reach while climbing that you get a folder with a spotted umbrella, cigarette, some floating words and butterflies to attach.  I attached all the appropriate items and took some fun pictures in the field of daisies that magically appeared and then up on top in the rain with the dancing pigs.

This is exactly the sort of place that I love most in SL….it’s whimsical, thoughtful and there is poetry and beauty in a spare but interesting space.  You don’t need hours to explore it, but you can enjoy a moment in a place that bears no resemblance at all to reality.  I took some pictures that I posted on my flickr and  now I have a whole new way to envision pigs flying 🙂




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