Invasion of the Avatar Snatchers

ok, it’s been eons since I posted, but I’m catching up in spades…review from last Sunday’s show at Winds!

The Winds of the Sahara Cabaret

Wow…this October has us whirring right away with more zombies, monsters, ghosts and blood sucking critters that I would have expected at Monster-Con (likely not a real event, but a girl can dream….). Halloween seems to bring out some amazing imaginations in SL whether it’s a store, sim or dance show…it’s more fun than a bucket full of puppies and damn….I love every second of it.  Shanny was so stunning…this girl makes the rest of us look like paper dolls, I swear…I don’t know how she does it every week, but dang, she is one hot tamale!


Baby opened the evening with an amazing set to Boomfunk MC’s “Freestyler Amped”, a dubstep funkalicious song.  She was joined in her neon finery by Fuki, Beens, Jo, Kyshra and Sorcha.  They zoomed and swished and swirled…blue streaks of light and particles and streaming hair…making wild patterns on a black backdrop…which eventually turned…

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