Magnificent Moments at the August Matinee

A wonderful review of the Empire Room Saturday Matinee from Ayita!

Elysium Cabaret

Babypea (babypeavonphoenix.bikergrrl): Can you please tell the head of the UK to not schedule holidays on weekends when we have shows?

She said it best folks, because where else would you want to be when Elysium has its monthly matinee? Holiday or not, we all know that Friday is the best day of the week except when the last Saturday of the month takes over that title! Come hell or banking holiday, we were out there on the stage today putting our most weird and wonderful on show. This month I decided to dust off my video camera and put my limited skills to the test. Luckily I managed to capture bits and pieces of the amazing dances so please, take a few minutes to peek at the amazing talent we had on display today. Happy viewing.

Babypea Von Phoenix
 Dark Lantern by Mandragora Scream

The scene was set the lair…

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