Twilight with Stage Lights

My review from an amazing “Twilight” theme show at Empire..super sexy night of sets by strong, lovely ladies!

Elysium Cabaret

A clear and lovely Friday night with warm breezes and a starlit sky was where I was watching the show last night, and what a backdrop for a theme show from the “Twilight” series! I confess, I read all of the books (super guilty pleasure) and loved them, so I was excited to see what our awesome dancers would come up with and I wasn’t disappointed.

Our ever cool DJ Gunner started us out with a slightly different soundtrack that our usual rockin’ beats, but it set the mood for a more mellow and romantic show than we may typically see.  Ok…romantic?  Vampires?  Werewolves?  Yep! So with Jilley and Paul making sure everyone was safely snuggled in with garlic and crosses and silver bullets, Gunner was making sure that the guests were ready to be wooed by the magic of our dancers.

Our first dance was choreographed by Moni Corbeau…

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