Freaking Really Imaginative Dance and …You! F.R.I.D.A.Y!

I’m baaaack, lol My post for Empire Room on Friday night.

Elysium Cabaret

Wow it’s hot out….superhot, cook an egg on your car hot.  Three digits on the thermostat hot…Farenheit…but that doesn’t mean that’s any different that it ever is at the Empire Room on a Friday!  SL was blessedly cooperative and Gunner was spinning his usual amazing tunes while we all scratched new bottoms on our toe shoes and Paul and Jilley made sure that everyone who stopped in felt welcome.  I hear the buffet was great, but when you’re dancing there’s never time to hit the buffet!

Jilley opened for us and what an opening it was!  She was the perfectly beautiful caged bird for Lindsey Stirling’s “Song of the Caged Bird”.  There was gently lapping water under the cage and a delicately beautiful winged Jilley in it.  The set was dark with strategically placed accents, an arch, the cage and some flora.  It was mesmerizing and pretty.  A wonderful way…

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