The July 2016 Saturday matinee

My review from a very fun Saturday Matinee

The Winds of the Sahara Cabaret

It was a lovely afternoon in the desert, and not just because of the dancing…but also because there is no humidity! The summer leads to lazy days and sweet tea and a great excuse….er….reason to lounge on a comfy couch and enjoy some magical dance.

Shanny was our hostess for the afternoon show and she wore a lovely peach gown that looked cool and chic.  Her pretty updo spoke to the hot summer days and she greeted our guests and did our intros without breaking a sweat.  She’s only been hosting with us for a short time and she is doing a lovely job.

1 ShannyI was the opener for the Saturday show with Jo and Ariel.  I chose Bach’s Cello concerto number 1 with a twist….7 cellos playing it in a non-traditional way.  We started as one mermaid and split into three.  I created my underwater world from Cerridwen’s Cauldron…

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