A Little Something for Everyone

Elysium Cabaret

It was Friday night, and like many recent Fridays, SL was doing it’s best to drive us batty.  First, there was the fact that you couldn’t log in due to unscheduled maintenance and then, once you got in….well….I’m pretty sure that the engineers have turned over their Friday night responsibilities to a group of malicious little gremlins who enjoy randomly jamming up servers….

Whatever those little buggers were up to….the staff and fans of the Empire Room were ready with patience and perseverance and one amazingly diverse lineup. Paul, Jilley and Gunner were out greeting and meeting, Wiz was getting out announcements and we were all warming up backstage. The dancers imaginations have taken off like the mint in my garden and what a feast for the senses they provided!

Gunner was our beacon of sanity as usual.  He is such a fun presence in the front of the house…

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