Beauty and the Beast

My review from last Friday’s empire show 🙂

Elysium Cabaret

The last couple of Friday nights, our beloved SL and the rain in Australia have done their best to try to knock us out, but I have to say, we have managed to kick both of their butts and put on great shows.  Even more, our wonderful patrons have been willing to stick it out despite crashed SL servers, missing acts who can’t get back, music woes and through it all, the staff has worked to make sure that everything is like buttah once we get back online….so, before I get to the review…cheers to EVERYONE for hanging in, hanging on and being the best, most patient and perseverant group ever!!

We were missing our beloved DJ when we started out, but Shay and Oods took over the stream and got everyone’s music and got us running.  Paul and Ally were out front greeting and schmoozing with the guests, bless…

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