Twas the night before Thursday….

And all through SL,  Winnie was wandering when she was behind as all hell.

The dance shows were scheduled on right after another, while Winnie was advent shopping and swearing like a mother

She had 6 shows in three weeks, what was she thinking?  She should be home building, not outside and SLinking.

No Flickr, no wordpress, no youtube, no FB…Just building and rezzing and placing and hard work…

When what to her wandering eyes did appear, but a penguin throwing contraption and a breedable steer…

On Queenie and Roni and Joanna and Lotta, on Sathcat and Autumn and Beth, Prue and Rebecca!

They heard her exclaim as she poofed out of site….happy building to all…and to all….a good night!









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