The night after the sugar high….review 11.01.15

Our review for the Winds Sunday Show

The Winds of the Sahara Cabaret

We all rolled our sugar addled corpses into Winds on Sunday…stunned by coming down from our sugar highs coupled with turning back our clocks in the US, thus creating night at 2:00 in the afternoon, or so it seemed…..but there was a show to press on with and a debut of a new dancer, and the addition of several other new members to Team Winds and we were excited to see where November will take us.  Annie took to the stage to greet our guests and make sure everyone was comfy and that the camels didn’t mess anywhere in the theater.

1 AnnieOur lead off batter was Gracie with a cast of thousands….hundreds…ok….dozens, but when your doing a review and trying to make sure you have all of the right people in the review when they aren’t all listed on the notecard…well, it feels like a million!  Gracie chose The Fifth…

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