Is there a more fun time in SL?  I mean, who doesn’t love winter in SL….but Halloween is a non-denominational funfest for the entire month of October if you want my humble opinion 🙂  The hunts are fantastic, the sims are decorated to the hilt, the group gifts tend to be stunning and inventive, the dance shows are wild and I get to wear a different silly avi or outfit every single day of the week…sometimes I change twice,  just so I can get it all out of inventory and play 🙂  This is a group gift from Purple Moon from years past.


I especially love the dance shows.  It seems that an extra something is born in all of our heads and is just bursting to get out and entertain the masses.  One minor complaint though….what’s with the spiders?  I HATE spiders.  I know they eat mosquitoes….I get that but there’s something about all those legs that just creeps me out.  Give me a nice fly any day of the week.  I thought Halloween was supposed to be all pumpkins and skeletons and ghosts and zombies, but somehow…every show I go to….spiders! *shudders*.

Spiders aside, what fun!  The music gets incredibly creative.  Pop tunes tend to disappear and creepy songs, Marilyn Manson and great songs that normally bring up visions of other things are reborn when skeletons and neon babes replace our usual avatars.  Inventory gets re-purposed and somehow the most boring couch becomes evil in the right lighting.  Headless corpses tap dance across the stage to showtunes…it’s awesome!


I know that SL is all about imagination.  There is role play and zombies and BDSM and any thing we can think up we can do…and basically we are all role playing even when wandering our own little SL houses, adjusting the lighting, but to go to a venue and see everyone decked out in all their silliness and scariness is different than when we all show up decked out in our finest every week.  There are only a few days left to enjoy this magical time of the year, so I encourage you to get out….go rustle up some free gifts, hit a haunted house, go to a sim like Falln Angel  or Livid and get a look into the mind of a designer and enjoy the Halloween decorations.  Go to a show and wear something completely ridiculous and laugh your head off like I did when I saw my friend BB at the Empire Room, because let’s face it, we can all do with a little more whimsy in our lives!



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