It’s a great weekend for bewbies in SL!

Breast Cancer

October is breast cancer awareness month in the US.  Football teams have gargantuan men wearing pink shoes, pink gloves and carrying cute little pink towels tucked into their very, very tight pants.  Pink is a color that I loathed before having breast cancer and frankly I still have a love hate relationship with it.  I love it’s easy association to alerting people to the incidence of breast cancer, but I wish we didn’t have to have an entire month dedicated to it where year after year, the progress we make against it moves at a pace that would make a sloth happy.

Second Life does a really bang up job for breast cancer and also with Relay for Life for all cancers.  I have the distinct honor of dancing in a Making Strides Against Breast Cancer show this weekend and we will also be performing our annual anti-cancer show at Blue Moon.  Queenie will be joining me at Blue Moon in a guest performance at the place where it all began for me, and I’m so excited I could just about burst 🙂

So many of my SL friends are dealing with cancer.  Either living with the ramifications of being a survivor with no evidence of disease…or NED as we like to say in oncology-speak, helping a loved one fight through their own battle, actively dealing with their own disease progression if they aren’t NED or mourning the loss of our friends.  I think it’s especially strange to mourn the loss of someone who has died of cancer when you yourself have had it.  I feel like I have survivors guilt…why me?  Why did I make it when so many others didn’t?  We have a tight little group within our wider groups…not everyone is as comfortable babbling about it as I am, but I was only 39 when I was initially diagnosed, so I feel it’s my job to personally inform the world that it could indeed happen to you…but there is a way out the other side and it’s not nearly as horrendous or scary as I thought I was going to be.

I will be at Blue Moon with Queenie on Saturday at 2:30 SL and then with Babypea at Making Strides Against Breast Cancer on Sunday at 1:00 SL and hope that if you have a chance you can come and see one of the performances.  All proceeds at Blue Moon go to a breast cancer charity in the UK with a direct link to donate, or, if people choose to tip me, I do all of my donations to a local charity where I live that provides grant money to 2 local universities as well as providing bras, prosthetics and rides to MD appointments for starters.

To all of you that help to keep that which is Winnie…or whatever my name happens to be this week, thanks for helping me kick cancer’s lily white….butt!


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