Hydrangeas = Happiness

It’s been hectic for me in SL lately.  I thought that summer was when it all relaxed, but I guess not.  I’ve recently begun blogging for 2 of the venues that I dance at Elysium Cabaret at the Empire Room and Winds of the Sahara Cabaret.  I’m enjoying myself thoroughly, but missing my lazy day time to wander around and smell the metaphoric roses.

I took some time the other day to do just that.  I love garden stores in SL.  Over the years I have bought land, landscaped to my hearts content, lived, enjoyed, cleaned it all up and moved.  There are some extremely talented designers in the plant and tree world in SL, so I love to wander around and find plants, shrubs, trees, ground covers etc.  Their stores tend to be gorgeous too.  Nothing tempts me more than walking along shaded paths full of phenomenally beautiful flowers and I find that there is always something new that I absolutely have to have.  It’s also a peaceful way to spend some time to unwind when I find myself freaked out in RL, or in desperate need of inspiration in SL.

I love flowers and plants in RL too.  This summer has been fantastic for hydrangeas where I live, and they are my favorite perennial along with easy keep roses.  I have lots of other pretty flowering perennials, flowering trees and a teeny weeny garden with tomatoes and some herbs in pots in the sun.  Take some time and get out there and enjoy the beauty…both inworld and out!



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