SHOW REVIEW Sunday July 19th ~ The Bird is the Word!

Queenie did a lovely review…and there’s a great shot of the chickens if you heard the rumors, but haven’t seen them 🙂

The Winds of the Sahara Cabaret

Peeks in….well HELLO THERE! It’s me again. Yep they didn’t fire me last week and said I could do it all over again this week. I hope you all had a wonderful week since we last spoke. I know mine was a busy one! Enough about me, there are so many other amazing people to talk about!

The first person I need to tell you about is Mz Kyra, or Special K as she calls herself. She was our hostess this evening looking stunning in a classic deep blue gown and matching headpiece, casually sipping a cocktail as she greeted guests before the show started. A hostess has a hard job…they have to keep the show rolling, keep the audience interested in between acts…and Kyra did a wonderful job! Great job this evening Kyra!

7-19-2015 - Winds - Kyra Hostess

Our first act was Nova performing to Beyonce’s ‘Halo’. I have loved this song since…

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