The lazy days of summer

Summer is lazy.  Even in SL.  In SL I find it’s lazier.  We go on holiday. We BBQ. We sit outside in the sun. We log off and log out.

It ain’t easy when you host a weekly show.  I admire the fact that both the Empire Room and Winds of the Sahara manage to pull it off despite the fact that their staff wanders off for days on end.  Some weeks we do a reprise act or two to fill in.  Some weeks we have lots of fans, some weeks you can pick a seat.

I find I like the lazy days of summer in SL.  When I log in, I tend to have fewer commitments.  I can wander around sims that are less laggy and less crowded.  I find myself meandering and poking around at things I might not do during the busier winter months.

Who knows, maybe I’m just waxing philosophical because it’s sunny and my brain is fried, lol.  Either way….my best friends in SL are the ones who come back after the summer is over year after year….we go our merry ways, enjoy our lives and families…and then we regroup in the fall just like schoolkids.   So….party on kids and enjoy all the sunshine and bunny rabbits while they are out!

Sunset from the deck 2


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