July the 8th…the day that ultimately created Winnie

Today I was home from work and read Strawberry Singh’s tribute to Amy Nauman a designer who passed away at a very young age from cancer.  Now…this is what I call irony, because I was home today…as it is the 6 year anniversary of my surgery for breast cancer and there is no power on earth that will ever make me show up to work again on this date.

I had a big day of plans….hiking with the dogs, riding my horse, finishing sets early…and then…the thermometer read 83 feels like 100 so that was out.  Then, I was going to mope….let’s face it…it’s a melancholy day, I’m happy that I survived cancer, but you lose a lot getting to the finish line, so it’s hard to “celebrate”.

Then I read Strawberry’s post.  And I went to Amy’s plurk and read her posts from the last 5 months of her life.  And realized how very lucky I am.

Winnie was born just about 2 years and a couple of months after my surgery and treatment were done.  I was still recovering…it’s a hell of a process.  I needed somewhere to be creative and to feel “normal”.  I had an avi back in 2009, but started fresh…stumbled into Blue Moon and never looked back.

I feel profoundly lucky to have survived cancer….despite my jokes and generally good attitude…it was a hell of a ride, which is the reason I speak so openly about it. I want people to know that there is another side.

I also feel lucky to have found SL and the dance world where I can take whatever idea or emotion is rolling around in my head and give it a voice and a face. I’m raising a glass to Amy….and to all my friends fighting this crappy disease….and those who have lost the battle…and to those of you who helped me muddle through recovery and survivorship.  Winnie has a rez day, but today is the day she was born.



5 thoughts on “July the 8th…the day that ultimately created Winnie

  1. Wow, Winnie. Very powerful – I have tears reading this. I’ve watched too many I love succumb to this horrible disease, and I live in constant fear of getting it (more for my children than myself).
    Moping is understandable, but think of all the amazing things still to come – hoping is better than moping. 🙂
    ((((Big hugs))))

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  2. So powerful and moving, Winnie! I’m tremendously happy for you that you survived your battle with cancer and came out the other end with such a strong spirit in tact. I hope only good things will come for you! ♥

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  3. Cancer can be cured but the treatment is brutal! I can attest to that twice! SL was my refuge the first time around and it is again this time.

    Happy Anniversary Winnie. I know that sounds a bit strange but may you be “celebrating” this anniversary, the beginning of your cure, for many many years to come!

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  4. I can’t do anything better than echo the eloquent Kat Feldragonne. And add my total admiration for you Winnie. You are an inspiration to all with whom you come into contact. I’m sorry that I am reading this two days late.

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