The SL Birthday Show…or Root Canal without Anesthesia

A few of us from Winds of the Sahara accepted the challenge to dance at the SL birthday bash.  This was an undertaking like none I have ever done before.

First, whomever thought up the stage concept was insane.  I mean that in the nicest possible, non-judgemental way.  We had a round stage that was situated on the corner of 4 sims.  We had a mock up and we divided it in fours and each took a quarter to set up on.

If you’re flummoxed already…it gets better.  We practiced.  Put up your rez box, rez, cache, finish, pick up your rez box…move the crowd to the next stage by pointing out where we were going next….clockwise. Repeat.  You could rez while the other person was on so you had time to cache.

We had stage and dummy rez box locations, so we set up and I happened to make a small prim, line it up on the rez box dummy and linked it to where my rez box actually needed to be for a frame of reference.  We had to do all this complicated stuff because we weren’t allowed to place sets until the day of the show at the exact second of the show.

That’s right!  For all you OCD dancers out there….no seeing the actual stage until the show.  Yep…blind set placement.

That would have been ok but to say there was lag would be like saying Mt. Vesuvius puffed out some ash one day.  We all got there an hour before show time.  I de-rezzed everything that I could on all 4 sims.  I basically had ground and people and not any of the one bajillion hearts and flowers and flashing lights and scaffolding and all sorts of other stuff I can’t even begin to describe.

When we rezzed the stage, we all got to work like lunatics.  Some nice people decided to stand right in the middle of where the stage was.  We had tags, but had to rez under the set and drag our boxes into position.  At least, I did.  We had pose stands in our quarter to stand on up above the stage.

The first act went well.  Then our second act crashed.  Moving on to the third act, Queenie’s adorable Octopusses’ Garden, she and I tried to get to our positions in the set by TP and got transferred to a neutral landing zone.  Ok…it took some time to get back.  I was supposed to lounge on a flower, but every time I tried to sit, I got TPd back to the landing zone. Maar was luckier than I…so I ended up swimming aroundQueenie’s set since I couldn’t park my tailfin in it.

Our next act had RL issues and had to cancel.  One of my extras had RL issues and had to cancel, but since she had no electricity…she couldn’t tell me.  Not to worry, off to MP to get an outfit for Sassy and easy peasy lemon squeezy we had a fill in.

Maar did a great job through the lag, and while she was tapping away, I set up, and we all got on movers and Sassy’s mover wouldn’t work.  Not for anything… Poor thing got tossed like a salad into a set at the last possible second and she ended up not dancing.  I did rez the set again the next day for Rebecca to get some pictures and damned if that mover didn’t work perfectly.

Soldiering on, we managed to slog through and Chrissy ended the show with another lovely set.  People were kind.  People were patient.  People were understanding, tolerant and gracious.  All in all, it went reasonably well, but……I’m not sure how quick I’ll be to do it again next year!

I would love to share some pictures, but frankly, I was too terrified to even try to take any.  For those friends who weathered the storm, thank you so much for braving the lag 🙂  I will never, ever, ever complain of lag at a normal venue again as long as I live!!


2 thoughts on “The SL Birthday Show…or Root Canal without Anesthesia

  1. Yeah I was in the audience at your SL12B show. I didn’t get there an hour early but I derendered as much of the “cake” as I could after I did. Since it was on four sims you actually had to stand on that sim to derender the stuff. No camming around and clicking furiously.

    I felt really so sorry for you all as so many things went wrong, one after the other. Everyone worked so hard to put a great show together but the setup was really a recipe for disaster.

    To me the quadrants were incredibly confusing. In the beginning I had no idea what was going on and the hostess was confusing as she said follow me to the right, meaning her right which of course was our left since she was facing us. So we all started off going the wrong way till we realized. Of course having the audience moving around in lag hell is not very clever since the largest part of lag is caused by the server constantly redrawing the avatars which is why everyone is asked to sit down at a performance. Eventually the hostess said clockwise which helped a little but the stage set up didn’t work for this audience member. I ended up derendering the curtains on all four quadrants and camming around to watch each act.

    Congratulations to you all for soldiering on regardless. The dancers at Winds are a very creative lot and as it turned out very inventive as well.

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  2. Wow – blind set-up does NOT sound like fun. 😦 The idea to have the stage/audience on separate sims sounded good, until Jo mentioned that they had people WALKING from one set to the next. Insane. Props to you and the others for braving the lag storm!

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