A night in the dark ages

This week I have a million things going on….SL birthday bash, hostessing at La Oro, Friday night at Empire Room and perhaps Sunday at Winds if there’s still room and I can figure out how to add a fourth in.

This was not helped yesterday when I finished my evening commute in a microburst and/or F1 tornado…the weather folks are still working that out.  Suffice to say…as I fled my car up the stairs amidst lightning and the hardest rain which was blowing sideways…I was less than pleased to crash through the front door to realize that while it had only been doing whatever the heck is was doing for about a minute and a half…I had already lost my power.

I changed out of my soaking wet clothing, calmed and fed the dogs, found the flashlights and candles and sat down to realize A) I only had cheez-its for dinner B) my storm food of choice…oreos…had been cleaned out by my husband and C) there was no way in the world I would be ready for the upcoming weekend if I couldn’t wile away a number of hours in SL.

I made a wireless hotspot out of my phone.  This is a maneuver I learned a few years ago when we had the weather from hell, a blizzard in October with no power for 10 days followed the following October by SuperStorm Sandy with no power for 8 days followed by another blizzard a few months later…again with no power for days.  (“Where is your generator?” a sane person might ask.  Well, let’s just say my husband and I have a difference of opinion on the need for one…but mark my words, he’s going to lose this battle).

I managed one hour of phone and computer time and actually packed up a mostly done set, flung myself to Empire, jammed it down in a flash, accidentally unlinked the whole fecking thing, had to pick up every stinking piece…re-rez the thing, fix the scripts and managed to do it all with 7% left on my battery on my computer and 10% left on my phone.

So…if you’ve ever wondered how much you could get done in an hour….well….that’s what I pulled off!


2 thoughts on “A night in the dark ages

  1. Ouch! Glad you made it through safely, but sad that you had no Oreos. 😦 I’ve had to make a hotspot of my phone more than once. Last place we lived had horrible internet and I used my phone so I could log in and dance. 🙂 Tell your husband he needs to buy a generator!!!

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