I put on mesh….and I liked it

S0, um, for months I have avoided trying on a mesh body….ran screaming from it really.  For dancing, there are still many peeps who have difficulty rezzing mesh on a laggy venue, so I figured why bother?

I’m not entirely sure what possessed me to do it.  There were seductive blog posts about “curvieness and great photo potential”.  There were promises of shoulders that looked like….shoulders.  There were posts about all sorts of clothes that now come with appliers.  Makeups for my LAQ skins that I have…so I did it.

And I like it.  Oh dear…what have I done? I have clavicles.  I have knees.  I have elbows. Arghhhhhhh!  Now I want to wear it all the time.  But…but…but…..all of my system clothes with cool skirts that move…

My disembodied head….floating around the dance floor.  But…but….butt…..hey…that looks pretty good too, lol!

Lara take 1


2 thoughts on “I put on mesh….and I liked it

  1. Mwahahahah!! *rubs hands together gleefully* Welcome to the dark side, Winnie! 😀 I just bought the Lelutka mesh head today, and I’m planning to get a LOGO head sometime this week, so I will be fully mesh for my photo sessions. Dancing with mesh? Extremely unlikely. 😦

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