Sailing, my guilty pleasure

I know, I know…I’m supposed to be slaving over a set and choreographing a dance or twelve, but I live in a beautiful sailing community and every once in a blue moon I need to shove aside the dancing and mellow out floating around the neighborhood.

There are all types of boats in SL, I have worked my way through some over the last 4 years, finally settling on a Loonetta 31. It’s fully customizable and super easy to sail.  I don’t race, so I don’t need a super sleek, HUD-o-rama boat.  An added bonus…it’s only 31 prims!

I don’t sail as much as I should.  The people who own Gulls Wing offer classes, which I rarely am able to attend due to Euro/US time conflicts.  I tend to hit things….land, buildings, buoys and sink.  My old boat sank all the time….it even came with a lovely holding on for dear life animation on the overturned hull.

The resident creator of Gulls Wing hits me with an IM every once in a while…um…Winnie…we do offer classes….in case you want to take one…..Bob…

There are races, group sails, regattas….since I’m so accident prone, I tend to head out on  my own to explore.  It’s funny….I keep finding friends who sail that I never knew sailed!  Path and Lotta….Pan… 🙂  There’s quite a community in SL.

One of my favorite things to do is to sail from my house to Toby’s Juke Joint.  I can er….park….moor…dock(?) my boat right outside the bar and settle in with some fantastic blues.  I have no idea why they flee when they see me coming…it’s been ages since I sailed right INTO the dance floor…..*mumbles*

If you’ve never been sailing….if you feel like faffing (Nai britishism) hit me up and I’ll take you out 🙂  Pack your suit and your swimming animations.  We even have a sim where you can go diving!

Saturday Sail

3 thoughts on “Sailing, my guilty pleasure

  1. Obviously I need to go boat shopping again. My gallery is on waterfront land and even has a marina down below which I inherited from the last owner of my land, er 6 years ago. I think I last sailed one of my boats maybe 4 years ago so they must have improved in that time. I’m a terrible sailor and being right on the corner of where four sims come together doesn’t help as you hit a sim crossing the moment you leave the dock and we all know how that goes.

    Call me up one day when you are going out and I’ll be happy to go along. There is still the issue of not being able to talk while sailing.

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