What goes into an SL name?

Mostly everyone who knows me knows that my name changes pretty much weekly.  Winnie is always a component, but anything else is completely up for grabs.

How do we come up with our names?  Especially if we were “born” after SL made us take one of their last names?  My first avatar was a Barbosa 🙂

My own name is after one of my beloved pups.  Yep…there it is.  I love really fun SL names that were determined by people far more creative than I was on that first day.  I must have read Maar Volous about a hundred times before I put that one together *facepalms*.

Did you take inspiration from the world around you? Did you use a creative version of your RL name?  Did you give yourself the name you wished your parents had instead of Eunice?  Did you change your last name after you met a partner?

What was the thing that made that name click? Do you wish you could change the whole name instead of just your display name?

At this point, I have so much fun with my name that my friends vote on favorite iterations and what they think the next one should be.  Truth be told…I’m pretty sure that Winniebago and FrankenWinnie  will always be my faves 🙂

Waiting in a pretty space 2


2 thoughts on “What goes into an SL name?

  1. I like Winnie the Pooh. 🙂 Winniebago *is* pretty hilarious, though. It’s one of the things I look forward to when I see you – what you’ve decided to call yourself atm. 😀
    My first name is boring and was chosen at random. At least I got a decently different last name (back when you could still get them). Facebook refuses to recognize it as an actual name, though. I’ve often thought about trying to hold an in-world ‘Feldragonne’ meet up and see who showed up. 😛

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  2. I am known in RL as JMB, my initials, and since I joined SL to come to a meeting of a blogging group I belonged to who knew me by that, I became JMB Balogh. Balogh was the surname of an author I had read so I knew I would remember it. You only had a very small choice of names in those days although I think they changed quite regularly. The surname I would love to have had which existed for a short time in that era was Afarensis! Incidentally I was the only one of the group of about 25 who came to the meeting who actually stayed. That’s 8 years now.

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