Why am I doing this blog thing anyway?

I have to admit, I think of my blog as more of a dairy.  I did finally pick up a 5th follower. Yay Cherri!  I have long wanted to write, but have never been a real stickler for scheduled writing.  When I had cancer, everyone gave me a journal to write about my experiences and feelings.  To date, I have about 15 empty journals because frankly I was so pissed I had cancer to begin with it seemed  like a good idea not to immortalize that kind of negative emotion.

Second Life has given me so many ways to be creative that the desire to write is coming back to me.  I think part of it is being inspired by the things that I see and read.  This gives me a nudge to break out the old keyboard and put some memories to paper.

I really am like a kid in a candy store in SL.  The beautifully creative clothes.  The sheer wonder of some of the sims that I have found.  The gorgeous sets and costumes and dances I am privileged to see and be a part of.

When you sit in a cube all day, it’s easy to forget about beauty and whimsy and art.  Amazing photographs…some which are so realistic I have to do a double take to be sure they were taken inworld.  The music sims where I can zone out to classical or hear new Indie artists or wallow in some great blues.

So who knows where this great blog experiment will take me..I’ve added some taglines, I’m linking to my facebook page, I’ll take more pictures and really just enjoy myself the whole time.

ascension denied 7


2 thoughts on “Why am I doing this blog thing anyway?

  1. Well I would follow you dear Winnie, if you used the Worpress option to send an email for a new post. When the Google reader disappeared I didn’t find a reader that I really liked. It gave me the opportunity to get rid of a lot of blogs I had been following for years out of habit but no longer interest and start afresh.

    I wrote a blog for 7 years which was sort of like a diary or perhaps the “story of my life” and things that interested me. It took me a year or more before I could really write anything there about my “year with cancer” in 2010. Some people can put it all out there with no qualms but even when I did write about it, I was very clinical and almost detached. I can’t write about my latest bout. LOL. I try not to even think about it for now as I have a month off before the next round of tests and appointments. The first time I thought, oh well it’s my turn, so many others have had it, why not me? This time I AM pissed because I think I did this before. It’s not fair!

    Have fun with your blog Winnie and don’t get obsessed by it!


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