Weekly Inspiration at Scribbler’s Cove

I too have found inspiration in Nai and Ailsa’s inspiration. It’s the reason I started to blog and it’s helping me to get out there and really take some photos that I am really proud of. Yay Nai and Ailsa!!

A Kat and A Mouse

Inspiration Image Source: kickaction.ca

Several months ago (or longer, my memory isn’t what it used to be), my friend Nai started an ‘inspiration’ thread.

The original idea was that he would post a ‘theme’ for the week and anyone interested would create something around that theme – artwork, poetry, a song, a blog post – whatever.

Since I’m often on the lookout for inspiration, I thought it was a great idea.

For several weeks, we had fun with creating and sharing on the Blue Moon website.

Then, as it sometimes does, RL interfered and Nai had to step back from the ‘365’ inspiration.

Bummer. 😦

Luckily for me, Nai’s partner Ailsa stepped in.

Ailsa is a talented artist and runs Scribbler’s Cove, where she has her artwork on display.

She graciously picked up where Nai left off and is now hosting weekly art shows based on themes.

She sent out…

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