Dear Firestorm….

I love you, I really do.  You are my favorite viewer, you are my only viewer.  I’m monogamous, lol.  Here’s the thing…don’t take advantage of my love by tossing out a major release where my clothes and HUDs disappear at each new teleport location.  I understand the need to beta test a major release.  I understand that bugs are inevitable.  What makes me nuts is that big old thing that pops up and tells me to download you every single time I log in, even though I know you aren’t ready for me yet.




One thought on “Dear Firestorm….

  1. I upgraded to the beta and I’m not having that issue. 🙂 I do occasionally have trouble getting things to detach/reattach from inventory, but it’s only happened once or twice and a relog fixes it. I’m loving the new filters they added to the snapshots!

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