taking a mental holiday

on the wireI have been on a mental holiday…or perhaps I just went mental.  I had a great time participating in my friend Jo’s debut at Elysium.  I managed to lose all of my first PD HUD notecards when I did the upgrade.  I weeded a few things out of my inventory and I caught up on about 200 hours of TV shows that I missed while wiling away the hours in SL.  My RL doggie has been sick. What we thought was just a stomach thing is a lymphoma thing.  So I’ve been running to the vet and back and making fairly crummy decisions.  Thankfully she is holding her own on some new medications, but I think RL is going to eat up a bit more of my time these days.

I have participated in two of my friend Ailsa’s themed photography shows.  She owns Scribbler’s Cove which is a delightful sim and she has themes planned for every week through the end of the year.  The first was Journey and the second was Suspend.  You can see some of my attempts on my flickr page.  There are also some shots from Jo’s debut set.

The fun thing about themed shots is it gives me a chance to really stretch my imagination and try to tell a story without words, which is similar to dance.  I like that people can i interpret what they think I’m trying to say.

Well, that’s about all my brain has to say today.  Think happy thoughts and if I find any interesting places in my search for photos, I’ll be sure to share the SLURLs :0)


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