To clean out my virtual closet…or my real closet…

So I’ve been inspired by Kat working so hard on her inventory and I know that mine is long overdue to be rid of some really ugly system clothes from 2009…

But then there’s my RL closet….Spring has finally sprung.  The problem is that we had a day in April in the 80s, so I dragged out all my boxes of “nice weather togs” and then the next day it dropped to the upper 40s….

The day after that….it flurried

So.  I shoved all the boxes in a corner and now that it’s finally nice, I’m thinking I would rather have a root canal than deal with cleaning out all the winter stuff and stuffing in all the summer stuff.

Or…I could read a book.

Or…I could sail my sailboat…come to think of it, I think I have 3 of those in my inventory too… 😛


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