Do you remember…..

The first place you ever went in SL?  Years before Winnie was born, I had a different Avatar.  I confess, I didn’t know the first thing about what I was doing and was less than interested in  spending money to make it happen.  I did however find some things that eventually brought me back years later.

The SL botanical garden.  I was so amazed when I saw it almost 10 years ago.  Now, graphics and mesh and builders have taken that old garden and made such stunning beautiful and realistic sims that they put that old garden to shame, but what a pretty place.  One of my absolute favorite things about SL is still landscaping and gardens. Places that I will probably never see in the real world.

Carnivals.  I remember being at Welcome Island and being terrified of all the strange looking beings trying to talk to me.  I took off flying.  I’m not sure how I figured out how to do that, but I was fascinated by it.  I zipped along working my superman vibe and just when I was about to give up, I came across a carnival, replete with rides.  Again, I was amazed at what SL could do.  I still find myself looking around to see if there is a Coney Island-esque spot that I can go and fritter away some time.

Coffee shops.  I love coffee.  This love affair started during my first job after college when I had to be at work at 6am.  I had never had coffee before if you can believe that.  Now, I brew myself a lovely Sumatra Mandehling Italian Roast every morning, pack it up and head to work.  I love all of the mystery and majesty that surrounds hanging out in a comfy chair in a dark, slightly seedy coffee house.  It was on the Mill Pond sim with boardwalks over water with blooming cherry trees.  I miss it…it was gorgeous.

Therein lie the things that I remember and eventually drew me back.

Do you remember your firsts?


4 thoughts on “Do you remember…..

  1. Oh my goodness, I think I remember the Mill Pond coffee house! I used to have a whole landmark folder dedicated to cool “chat spots” where you could find thoughtful conversations and interesting, like-minded residents. Man, I miss those days!

    I came back to SL after a long hiatus and decided to make a fresh go of it on a new account – so new I haven’t left Learning Island yet. May just have to make the SL Botanical Garden my first “real” stop in your honor. ^_^ If you happen to have a SLURL, that would be great!


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