Le Cirque de Nuit

I was lucky enough to snag a seat to see Guerrilla Burlesque’s Le Cirque de Nuit yesterday and boy am I glad that I did.  What a wonderful production!  I rarely get to see a performance there because 3am is not a good time for me.  Thankfully, being friends with SexyS Quintessa means that I know that they film regularly and I can hit youtube to see what I miss.  The difference between GB and the rest of the dance world is most evident in one of these planned productions.  The seamless scene changes, the fantastical theme, the camera work for the audience, an hour flies by. Having a talented builder in house who can meld everything together who also dances helps with the overall vision.

There was some great mover work, magical boxes, and Anashara had a balloon with a trapeze which I failed to get a picture of because I was too busy trying to figure out how to do it myself and have one at home! Shadow Tarber did a fabulous high wire act and Zahra was a killer lion tamer.  Aubreya did some amazing things with movers as she rolled around on a ball that traveled up and down ramps. Chewie had a beautiful set, and I’m proud to own one of her artworks, because if you didn’t know it, she is a talented artist as well!  Blaze did a very cool dance with Tarot cards, but my favorites were Lindy Hoppers “me and my shadow” with Shadow (I’m in love with the irony) and Maeve Brenner’s dance.  Me and My Shadow is one of my favorite songs and it’s been done often in SL, but Lindy’s haunting look and Shadow’s skinny little waif shadow who followed Lindy around on the wall was really, really cool! And Maeve..what can I say?  It was a simple little ballet, until she split into three with some fantastic alpha work and three dancers to a disjointed head, body and legs….again, no picture because I was transfixed.  There were more and I probably forgot half of them, but everyone was great!

It was a wonderous show.  I love going to shows like that because I am endlessly amazed at the imaginations of the dancers in SL.  It pushes me to want to do more and do it better.  It makes me proud of being able to dance every week with all of the talented people I get to dance with and know that we fill sims and make people happy each week.  I have ideas bursting from my head right now…so I better go and get to work!  There’s a few pics on my flickr page, but those live actions shots are a work in progress for me.

le Cirque Aubreya


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