Real Estate

Do you own a house in SL?  Venue?  Land with a build platform?  Do you decorate incessantly?  Are you addicted to furniture? Do you change the pictures in your picture frames?  Or, are you a vagabond who logs in to a public area and finds far away deserted islands to change your knickers?  I have run the gamut.  At one point I had a house for every season….plus a coffee house.  Those days are gone.  I have the coffee shop next to Blue Moon, and my build platform is above that.  I do have a house.  I got rid of it for a while, but I missed having a spot to run and hide, a place to try on costumes, and, it’s on a sailing sim, so when I do decide to faff to extremes, I can hop on my sailboat which is moored in my backyard and head out onto the open waters and capsize to my hearts delight.

I also am addicted to decorating.  I change houses and furniture like normal people change socks.  It’s a problem, but admitting a you have a problem is the first step, right?  If I could pull it off in RL, I would be just as bad.  My husband and I built our house, and my father is an architect, so I’ll just blame the two of them…. 🙂  SL really is about doing all the things you can’t necessarily do in RL.  I will continue to collect cool houses, and cooler sofas until such time as my status as land baron is revoked by LL or my husband 😛  I would kill to own an entire island that I could landscape and edit terrain and put up all my houses and coffee house and still have a build platform, but the cost of that is way beyond what I consider reasonable…since I limit myself to the $40 tier category.  Until then….I can dream….right??

One thought on “Real Estate

  1. Hubs and I both have premium memberships, so I do have a house, which I mostly use for my cats, lol. Kind of ironic, since I hate cats in RL (mostly because I’m horribly allergic). I also have a venue that I keep threatening to open, with a build platform above it. However, I never seem to have enough prims, so I also have a build platform that I rent. I really do need to consolidate and find someplace where I can have all of it in one spot. If I could find a spot to consolidate the free land we get from our premium memberships, I might have enough prims to get rid of the build platform. I need room for the club, to have a photo studio, to build, and to put out all my stuff. Just wish land/prims were cheaper. Or that I could just buy extra prims, lol.
    I’d loooove to have enough space to decorate and redecorate. I have tons of cool stuff I’ve picked up, but nowhere to put it. 😦

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