Mesh, mesh and more mesh

It appears that I’m suffering from mesh fatigue.  Mesh clothes, mesh feet, mesh hands, mesh bodies, mesh heads,mesh eyes, mesh hair….mesh, blesh.  There are a few issues I have with all of this meshiness.  One:  I love my mesh feet.  Of all of the mesh I have, my feet look great when I dance.  They were the first mesh thing I ever purchased.  Two, if you’re going to sell us all these mesh parts, LL needs to figure out how to allow us more alpha layers, although…at this point you can pretty much erase your entire avatar and then put on all your mesh.  At the point where your body, head, hands, feet and eyes are mesh….you can no longer put on your hair or clothes.  It’s an issue, trust me!  I do like my mesh clothing.  I find with a few minor tweaks, there isn’t much that I can’t adjust to look good on me.  I also really like my mesh eyes, they are very realistic, and relatively inexpensive.  I recently bought a fat pack an I am having a rollicking good time popping in different colors to go with my outifits.  Lelutka is coming out with three new mesh heads.  I saw some pictures and other than the mouths, I can’t see any difference between the three.  I’m not a big fan of homogeneity in how we all look in SL.  It’s bad enough we all have zero body fat and look great in any kind of clothes….I am not a fan of the head yet.  I’m on the fence about the bodies…but way off the fence on heads.  I have hands, but I find I don’t wear them often.  I have feet and as I said early, I love them.  I can often be seen walking around barefoot just because I like them so much.  I like that Slink has flat, mid and obscenely pointed for the foot fetish fans of SL.  I do have friends that come to dance shows who have mesh enabled viewers but when a sim is crowded and laggy, the mesh parts don’t always rez for everyone depending on their graphics capabilities. This means that some dancers don’t have feet, some don’t have hands…and some are just disembodied heads floating above an outift which can be a little disconcerting if it’s not a halloween show.   I’m not sure…maybe I’m old and things are just moving too quickly for me.  For now…I’m going to be good old boring Winnie with some kickass feet 🙂


2 thoughts on “Mesh, mesh and more mesh

  1. I have mesh hands and feet. And hair. And I do own a mesh body, but I don’t see myself dancing with it anytime soon. I saw the Lelutka heads, and I’m with you – they all 3 look the same to me. That said, at least they don’t have that RBF look I’ve come to associate with other mesh heads. 😛 I will probably try them, since they are made to go with the Maitreya body, but doubt it will be something I wear everyday.
    Mesh bodies DO look better – but that is irrelevant if over half of your audience can’t see it. -.-

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