I have a hair addiction.  Perhaps it hearkens back to the RL time that I was bald from chemo….but those days are in the past and I’m still right in the middle of a full blown hair crisis.   In RL I have pretty short hair.  The one odd thing I learned from chemo is we spend far to much time drying, straight-ironing, fluffing, moussing, gelling and conditioning our hair…but….I love hair!  I have some favorite shops.  Most days I’m in Truth, but D!va, Analog Dog and Magicka are mainstays in my hair files.  I have long hair, short hair, updos, pigtails, ponytails….you name it, I own it.  I match my hair to my outfits. I match my hair to my moods.  I change colors like a chameleon, although I find I like dark reds, browns or even blacks most right now.  There are so many blondes in SL…I like to go dark to be a little different.  On that note, I think my particular LAQ skin looks best with dark hair. I sometimes miss the prim hair that flows when you move, so there is no way I will ever delete those, despite how much I love mesh hair.  My avi must have a fairly normal size because I can easily wear rigged mesh hair.  In SL…. humidity never messes  with your locks.  Your curls never go berserk and your straight hair never flops.  It’s amazing.  Hair color has come a long way in the past few slyears.  Colors don’t have that “shiny” look as much any more.   I like that.  I do notice that much like clothing…mesh has allowed many hair stores to have similar looking shapes and colors.  I enjoy that D!va and Analog Dog seem to buck that trend and they have a slightly messy and wild look…like normal hair.  I would have to guess that I change my hair every single day for the most part.  I notice some friends never change their hair.  Perhaps they are lower maintenance than I am….perhaps they have great hair in RL.  Maybe they have never experienced humidity.  I can’t say…all I can say is yay hair…all hair….of all types…I think we should have Hair Fair quarterly….Woohoooooo hair (lol)


2 thoughts on “Reflections on hair

  1. So you’ll be going to the hair fair when it opens? 😛 I love Truth, and wear it most days. I love D!va’s messy/wispy/windblown looks, but I don’t have a lot of hair from there.
    I like to change up my look too, one of the reasons I generally buy the variety pack from Truth – so I can be blonde, brunette, or ginger depending on my mood or outfit.
    In RL I have thick wavy hair that NEVER does what I want it to! I was just thinking yesterday that I’ve gotten used to mesh hair – even though it doesn’t ‘move’ like flexi hair.
    I need to go shopping though – after doing my LOTD’s in Purple Moon stuff, I need more updos!!!

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  2. I dislike mesh hair because it is like wearing a helmet, although the textures have improved since it first came out. I mostly wear short curly or wavy hair so never had the issue of flexi hair going through my body. I have tons of hair but basically only wear three or four of them. Sighs. But always RED! In RL I have had short curly/wavy hair since I was a teenager and I feel odd in long hair in SL. I always wanted to have red hair instead of coppery brown. I have green eyes and tons and tons of freckles so I feel as if I was shortchanged by not being a real redhead. A lot of hair creators in SL are Japanese and they don’t do great red hair so I am grateful when hair is mod so I can fiddle with the colour. My fave hairs now come from Dura and Argrace.

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