Stage Manager, my new love

I purchased the new stage manager from Spot On, and I’m a little smitten.  I put together a dance for Sunday with 6 friends, we did a little irish jig and I managed to put together PD and Stage Manager.  I had a LOT of help from Diiar Vader.  She is a patient saint, lol.  She showed me some nifty tricks with costume assistant and my movers which I didn’t even know were possible.  The stage manager works much like a rezzer, but it also has a number of features that make it similar to the choreography designer and much easier to use.  You only have one script to put into objects whether they move or are stationary. Once you pop them in, instead of having to copy each item’s name to the notecard…leaving room for error if you get lazy and don’t copy and paste it….you hit the stage manager and pick get notecard from the menu, just like the designer.  PRESTO!  all of your object names and locations are there and you copy it right onto your notecard, just like you do with your routes.  How cool is that??  Finding your stage location is also a piece of cake.  There is a huge doodad that you rez and place in the middle of the stage and…wait for it…..PRESTO!  you click and it gives you the coordinates and no matter where you decide to put your stage manager, it puts your set in the exact right spot.  I also managed to learn how to rez all of my movers backstage and bring my dancers out under the stage and rise up through the floor to dance out in the audience (Yes, Diiar!  I paid attention and learned!!).  It was fun.  It was easy.  It was a darned good time and a highly recommend it!  Yay stage manager!!!!!


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