OMG…Focus already!

What on earth is my issue this week?  I have a show on Friday, a show on Sunday and I’m working on a guest set for MJs Burlesque and I cannot focus to save my life!  I have 3 half created sets, two outfits and one concept and I can’t seem to get any one of them to the finish line.  Perhaps 3 is my breaking point?  My brain is awash with so many ideas for each one, but I can’t shut it up long enough to pay attention to one at a time.  I’m TPing between my build platform and MJs…staring into space and adding one dance to a NC at a time.  I finally rolled out some movers…and I know I have to place my set for Elysium….but holy cow!  I’ve been watching Seinfeld re-runs and eating girl scout cookies.  Someone call my manager…or the national guard…or Rebecca because I know that she would be more than happy to chase me around with a whip to get me to pull my stuff together!  What do you do when this happens to you…or am I just a freak of nature? *screams and runs with scissors*


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