I adore this word!  It is what I call a “britishism”.  Spend enough time with Naiki and you need to have some sort of English to American dictionary to communicate in a meaningful way and not feel like a complete idiot.  His advice was to never “faff” when putting together a skit, dance, joke, etc.  I looked up some definitions of faff and this is my favorite. to “aimlessly waste time doing useless tasks.” Now, you could argue that just playing around in SL fits this definition perfectly, but I don’t like those people, so I will ignore them. 😛  When I’m putting together a set or dance or costume, I keep the “no faffing” rule in the back of my head.  I know that Nai thinks that the whole big production show may be the ultimate faff, but I do like making sets and seeing the whole thing come together.  I still try  to err on the side of simplicity.  Great dance, good set.  I’ve gotten much more adept at making my sets, but lets face it, I’m never going to be a Cyllene or a Myth or a Diiar, so I don’t even try.  I have learned the basics of the performance director HUD and I do love the versatility that it allows.  I’m experimenting and branching out a little there.  It actually cuts down on some of the faffing to be able to automate curtain opening and closing and costume changes along with having folks all on one HUD…oh the joys of actually being able to see my screen instead of 5 HUDS…dance, dancer backup, lighting, costume folder, etc!  I guess the lesson boils down to keep it simple and don’t make last second changes. The first instinct is usually the best!


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