Thoughts on prim eyelashes

I love prim eyelashes.  I collect them like my hardwood floors collect doggie dust bunnies.  I have however lost hours of my life manipulating the little buggers into position. I’ve had to delete some because no matter how long I futz with them, they won’t fit my eyes.  What drives me the most crazy is when a designer doesn’t make them “edit friendly.”  The easiest way to end up in my trash folder is to be unlinkable or worse….when you click edit linked parts and every single eyelash is a prim…oh yes…that has happened!  There I was with these gorgeous new eyelashes purchased at a store that I have many things from….I get home…all excited….unpack my little friends…put them on and they are super narrow, so instead of wearing them in the middle of my eyeball like the newb me would have, I get on my pose stand, adjust my camera to within an nanometer of my head, click on my eyelashes…hit edit linked parts and WHAMO! 60 little lines are waiting to be moved individually.  SERIOUSLY??  Dear content creators, please, please think beyond your own beautiful eyes to all the other beautiful eyes that exist in SL.  I may need to move your little buggers around…a little bit down, a little bit over…a teeny bit stretched and maybe a dab of rotation to get it just right!  I love the butterflies, pearls, snowflakes, sparkles and everything else that make prim eyelashes a joy to wear and a great accessory for show costumes. Most of all, I love the added dimension that they give to my face to make it look more realistic, but please, don’t make me go insane trying to make them fit!


One thought on “Thoughts on prim eyelashes

  1. I, sadly, have given up on trying to make eyelashes fit. I have two pair that ‘mostly’ work, and I wear those. I avoid the rest like the plague because of the experiences you mention here. I don’t want to adjust the shape of my eyes to make them fit. If I wanted to look like everyone else, I’d buy a mesh head. 🙂 (Which, incidentally, would probably make the d*** eyelashes fit perfectly. -.-)

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