No potholes in SL

I am sooooo glad that there are no potholes in SL.  I drove past 4 cars on my way home, 3 with flat tires and one with a broken axle from hitting potholes that could be mis-identified as moon craters.  SL has some interesting weather quirks.  I love winter in SL, the gentle snow particles, the pretty, snowy themed sims, the skating rinks, winter activities and the fact that I am neither cold nor in danger while driving.  Rain is interesting. When I first came to SL I never saw rain anywhere. Now there are a bunch of really interesting weather systems that can create all sorts of rain. (For those you who are fans of Douglas Adams, you know that there are any number of types of rain that can fall roughly categorized at 231 types.) I love the reality that these systems add to sims and even sets.  I’ve used rain and snow in my sets, in addition to fog.  Nothing beats a good, creepy, foggy sim around Halloween. I’m glad that more sims are starting to look like RL and less like boring squares or rectangles with a store plopped in them.  I’m thinking of developing a couple of potholes in front of Uncommon Grounds to catch those crazy funny vehicles that randomly zoom down Route 7.  Who knows, maybe I can rustle up some new customers for the row of rabble that own the land around Blue Moon, including myself 🙂


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