When everything goes as planned….

Sometimes….every tiny once in a while….a show goes exactly as planned. It’s the most wonderful feeling. Everything rezzes, the music doesn’t fade in so you start 4 seconds late and all of your transitions are off, you  managed to pick animations that flow without you nitpicking them to the thousandth of a second to get them to look smooth, your back up dancers can find the movers and look exactly how you wanted them to, you don’t forget to log in to the tip jar, all of your body parts are visible, the curtain isn’t possessed and there is no lag.  I had that night last night at Winds.  I may not have it again for half a year, but I’m going to hold onto that memory with both hands and not let go.  When I figure skated (a billion years ago) my skating coach gave me some advice that seems to apply perfectly…she said to smile, even if your sailing across the ice on your butt, then get up, keep smiling and just keep right on going like it was part of the plan the whole time.  So bring it SL…and I’ll keep smiling and skating in the face of adversity and savoring those moments when I manage to keep it all together and so do you!


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