I was ahead of myself. Sets were ready early, choreography was done, outfits were picked.  It was wonderful…I was planning ahead.  The only issue with this plan is that deep down inside, in places you don’t want to think about….I work best under pressure.  I’ve been known to tweak a dance NC mere seconds before rezzing a set.  I’ve futzed with outfits while standing backstage.  This doesn’t freak me out…although some of my friends have suggested the need for new meds…perhaps anti-psychotics to take the place of the anti-neoplastics……This week, I’m slowly working my way back to my way.  My set is done, but I didn’t put it in the rez box yet.  My dance is done….but I didn’t do the mover routes yet.  My outfit is actually saved, so I guess I failed miserably on that one!  In the interim, I’ll wander around a little, take some pictures….ride a little farther down Route 7, delete some old inventory, buy more than enough new inventory to ever reach my dream of lowering the actual total and gab with my friends about snow, ice and snow and the outside chance that at some point a daffodil might poke through the 30 or so inches of snow that are still sitting on my front lawn 🙂


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