First Artiste Show

An amazing show with an amazing tool!

A Kat and A Mouse

Le Artiste Logo 512Yesterday I had the pleasure of dancing in a show at Yummy’s new venue, Le Artiste.

It’s a small, intimate, casual theater and I love the vibe of it.

There were, of course, technical glitches, but the show went wonderfully well.

I started off by swinging from a chandelier (it was a ton of fun, and not nearly as complicated to work out as I had thought).

Lil was an adorable Tinkerbell who took us on a dark journey to Never Never Land.

Aura’s number was incredible – she danced, she crawled on the ceiling, she floated – just amazing. 🙂

I am in love with the creative freedom that I have with the Artiste.

Things that I would never have attempted before suddenly seem possible – easy, even.

Yes, sometimes it has been incredibly frustrating, trying to learn a new way of doing things.

I still struggle with it.

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