Addicted to Ultra graphics

Admitting you have a problem is the first step…..I am addicted to ultra graphics….I have a laptop I’ve had for about a year and a half that has 2 graphics cards, gaming quality and by Nvidia.  The Nvidia card gets updated regularly.  Don’t tell my husband…but I LOVE this laptop.  The graphics capabilities are obscene.  Before this computer….I had never seen a shadow in SL.  I didn’t even know there WERE shadows in SL.  I slogged along….waited ages for things to rez….frequently, they never rezzed…I could see mesh, but not well and was constantly crashing like an old Russian Aeroflot cargo plane.  Now….I am the snap happiest person I know next to Kat 🙂  If I was on more than an hour or two during the week, I’d outpace even the most avid photographer.  I took a lesson from Autumn Teardrop, and I’m not photoshopping shots, instead, I’m using the phototools created by William Weaver a dear friend from Blue Moon who happens to be an artist of rather immense talent both in RL and SL.  These two are amazing…the photos that they take are unreal and all I can do is hope to absorb as much knowledge as possible and take my little pictures and enjoy myself while I do it.  I found a nice little forest and took a few shots, this one is one of my favorites, I moved the sun position to emphasize the dappled sunlight and was really happy with the result:

Afternoon in the forest

So if you can’t seem to find me….get out there and explore and I’ll be the one striking silly poses in out of the way, really cool looking places!


One thought on “Addicted to Ultra graphics

  1. I use the phototools as well. I took a couple of photography classes at BB and I’ve been playing around with the WL settings and editing them. I still haven’t figured out how to save the ones I like, so I usually end up just playing with the sliders for 30 minutes before each shot, lol. I do still do a bit of editing in Photoshop for the LOTD posts, just to smooth out any jagged edges and fix small issues (like hair falling through your arm, boob, etc.). But I, too, am addicted to Ultra and the shadows!!!

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