The frozen HUD

One of the absolute worst things that can happen when dancing happened to me on Sunday night.  My HUD froze.  Completely. We closed curtains, we added a song, we re-cached, we re-opened curtains, we hit play and……NOTHING.  Me…standing there doing….nothing.  My carefully choreographed movers for my backup moving to their own timing….and me….standing there…like a lamp post.  *cries*  I had run through the performance earlier that afternoon….had my alt with me….DZ was hanging out and watching….I did some tweaking, re-saved my notecard, renamed my dancers and did some extremely hard work to get it all together.  I logged off.  I logged back in right before showtime, did all the same things I normally do and had an epic utter fail.  The next day I logged on and immediately saw what had made it happen.  For some reason, when I re-saved my changes on my NC, both NCs ended up back in my PD HUD.  I have no idea on heaven, earth or the grid how that happened, but I now know to quadruple check that SL hasn’t decided to give me extra stuff just in case I really, really didn’t want to delete it the first time.  Lesson learned!


2 thoughts on “The frozen HUD

  1. That had to be so absolutely frustrating. 😦 I’ve had it happen where I saved changes, did a run-through, it didn’t work. Realized SL hadn’t saved my changes, did it all again, didn’t work. After about 10x of that, I finally gave up and called it a day. Ah, the wonder of SL. -.-

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  2. Sorry to hear about the freezesees! 😦 I only ‘upgraded’ to a HUDDLES once. It was at a big Nottoo show, and it worked until I had to go on stage. Then it stopped working. Gave Nottoo or Diawa all my NC’s, they said everything I had done was right, but for whatever reason my HUDDLEs decided it did not like me. Went back to my little Vista AO and never ‘upgraded’ again after that . >.<

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