Learning Widgets

Today I decided it was time to expand my blog knowledge, and I wanted to link my Flickr account.  I now have widget knowledge…I have no idea what that means…but somehow I managed a linky type widgety thing that shows some of my Flickr pics at the bottom of the blog.  Nai is on hats right now, and I seem to have a dearth of them in inventory, so I set off around SL taking pictures in a couple of them.  Lord knows, I hardly ever wear them and suspect that many of them came from hunts.  I do remember purchasing some holiday hats, but the rest…seriously…no idea where they came from.  I do love the cowboy shots…the secret to those is hat and hair all in one by Truth.  This is really the only way to go with hats in my book…they never fit right over hair, so thank you SL creators who make them attached.  Hats off to you!



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