It’s Fridayyyyyyyy!

God Bless the lack of weather in SL!  It was -11F this morning where I live.  I couldn’t wait to login and put on some wildly inappropriate sunny weather clothing and marvel in the fact that I have legs and feet!  Tonight is a dance night….I’m in one set at Elysium and doing one of my own.  Due to Kat’s comment about particles, I have found the need to also mess around with those.  Tonight’s set will feature some wonderful particles actually created by Setsuna Hirano who is a dancer at Club Image which is the creme de la creme of particle dancing.  Since this is my first foray, I’m using them sparingly 🙂  I love to find new things that make a dance fresh, especially in these days of massive sets with dancers all over.  Sunday I’m taking a partial holiday; I’m ball warming in two friends’ sets, another fun way to dance without having to do much other than put an outfit together.  I added a couple of new “cold” pictures on my Flickr to keep with the 365 for Naiki and TOBM…rumour has it that this week is going to be about hats….I’m looking forward to fun with inventory for that one!16459089772_48d7638f15_m


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